Sunday, 19 January 2014

Saturday Photo: Summer, Summer, Summertime....

Bridges are great symbols, connecting and separating, promising things to come, inviting daydreaming.  These two bridges are particularly interesting to me now because they are harbingers of our plans for the summer.

On top is the 25 de Abril bridge across the Tagus river at Lisbon.  It looks very much like the Golden Gate, which stirs up many pleasant associations in the first place.  But it also is a landmark of one of my favourite cities, which Lee and I will visit in July if all goes well.

The second photo was taken of a Sunday on the Seine during our last trip to Paris.  No vehicular traffic, just pedestrians and bicycles.  We'll be going there too, for two week before the Portuguese jaunt. 

Really looking forward to this summer.

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