Friday, 17 January 2014

The Failure of Centre-Left Politics in Europe: Krugman on the Scandal in France (Canadian Papers Please Copy)

Forget the dallying with dollies, Paul Kruman says that François Hollande's behavior is scandalous.  The French president has just announced increased austerity measures which have been discredited, and will make things worse. 

Where are the center-left voices criticizing this stupidity not only in France but also in other European countries Krugman asks.

" Given the hardship these policies have inflicted, you might have expected left-of-center politicians to argue strenuously for a change in course. Yet everywhere in Europe, the center-left has at best (for example, in Britain) offered weak, halfhearted criticism, and often simply cringed in submission.

"When Mr. Hollande became leader of the second-ranked euro economy, some of us hoped that he might take a stand. Instead, he fell into the usual cringe — a cringe that has now turned into intellectual collapse. And Europe’s second depression goes on and on."

And where, we should ask, is the vigorous criticism of Stephen Harper's economic policies from our own center-left politicians?  Lots about the Senate, a bit about the savaging of employment insurance changes, but very, very little talk about the need for an agressive, pro-employment economic policies from either Tom Mulcair or Justin Trudeau.

It's not too lalte guys.  "Jobs, jobs, jobs" and "it's the economy, stupid"  have won more than one election--and made the lot of us all better. 

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