Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Okay, Hockey's over (for Habs Fans,) Now It's World Cup

Living in Montreal is great fun this year: when your team washes out of the Stanley Cup finals, there's the World Cup to follow.  Not that I'm so big on the games themselves, but I do like watching the partisans.

Here's a link (thanks to Maria Lagatto) to a Guardian story about the rival songs for the World Cup this year.  You can be sure there will a lot of music blasting during and after matches around here.

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lagatta à montréal said...

It will be pandemonium here in la Petite-Italie, where there are also a lot of people from Latin American countries.

I'll be watching the matches with a friend from Argentina, who does love the game, however she is also extremely critical of the huge amount of money spent on it when there are so many social needs unmet, in her country as well as in Brazil. Although those countries are far from the poorest in the Americas, there is extreme income inequality.

Another unfortunate consequence is that ordinary supporters will no longer be able to afford tickets, at the fancy new stadiums.