Wednesday, 6 May 2015

First We Take Alberta,Then We Take the Hill...

When the NDP swept into Quebec four years ago almost to the day, I was flabbergasted.  Long a stalwart, I knew there was support for progressive candidates, but nothing prepared me for the sight  of 58 new MPs elected to join my own MP Thomas Mulcair. 

There was a down side to this, which people that night didn't seem to appreciate: a Conservative majority government.  We've seen what King Stephen Harper has accomplished sinceas he turned many of the things that were good about Canada inside out. 

Yesterday, voters in Alberta swept a majority NDP government into office, which means that new Premier Rachel Notley should be able to make some major changes in that province.  She's not going to be a left-wing as many feared or hoped, but this victory shows how vulnerable Harper's Conservatives are in their homeland.

We need to get the Cons out of Ottawa, we need to take the Hill...

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