Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What's Not to Like: Food, History and Leftish Causes

Breakfast is just over, but as usual I'm thinking about food.  Came across this great story about Thunder Bay, its Finnish connection and Labour strife there. The centre is a restaurant called Hoito.

"Founded as a cooperative in 1918, the basement restaurant is a vestige of a period in Canadian history when radical labor unions urged general strikes as part of their campaign for economic and social revolution. It is also a symbol of the several waves of immigrants from Finland who flocked here to work in this paper-mill town, railway junction and port on Lake Superior," says NYT writer Ian Austen.

"But in some ways, it is food that has conquered all. Even in its heyday as a political hotbed, the place was best known as a destination for a solid meal. Today the Hoito is arguably Canada’s most famous pancake house, particularly beloved for its formidable Finnish pancakes."

Many summers ago we bought great sausages at a deli in Thunder Bay and cooked them when we camped outside town.  Still think about them, longingly.  Maybe we ought to go back, says she at the beginning of a summer when we're likely to stay on the island of Montreal. 

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Anonymous said...

Getting a little tired of American ex-patriots telling Canadians how to think.