Saturday, 15 September 2018

Saturday Photo: The Bees Are At It, Thankfully

 One of the advantages of the kind of Darwinian gardening I do is that bees like it.  No pesticides or chemical fertilizer, just a lot of compost, some composted manure and a little bone meal.  The result is interesting--I'll share a photo next week--but the really important things is that bees love it.

All summer long they've been floating around.  Some of them must belong to hives like the one pictured here which sits in the Champs des possibles, vacant land along the railroad track through Montreal which has become a nature park.  There's only hive a couple of blocks away on the second story balcony of a classy house facing Parc Outremont.  Perhaps there are ones closer too that are hidden from casual view. 

Whatever, I'm glad to help out the busy pollenizers by providing environmental flowers....

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lagatta à montréal said...

Tomatoes, bees and Ici musique doing the classics on a Sunday morning while I tidy up and make turkey broth from bones - also from Marché Jean-Talon, La boucherie du marché, that always has packages of meaty bones.

Honey is also appropriate for the Jewish New Year. Have a sweet year!