Friday, 18 January 2008

Saturday Photo: Running the Mountain

You can't let winter get you down, and these runners certainly are taking advantage of the sunshine.

This carriage road was laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted in the 1870s, and is now used heavily by runners, walkers, skiers and bicyclists. You don't see many of the latter this time of year--but there still are some hardy souls on bikes.


Anne C. said...

I think that winter biking is very big this year. I've been very conscious of it, both as a driver and as a pedestrian, because a lot of cyclists have trouble braking in bad weather, and we really have to watch out for them. This both cracks me up and drives me crazy, depending on my mood.

Mary Soderstrom said...

Tuesday morning--day of new snow on ice from the previous thaw--I warned a woman setting off with her 6 year old son, both helmetless, on her bike. "It's very slippery," I called out.

"Don't worry, Madame," she called back. "I know what I'm doing."

Sure hope so. At least I didn't see them splattered on the roadside between their house and the neighbhorhood schools, where I presume they were headed.

Some times people ride around in God's pocket, as my mother used to say. But sometimes they pay a Darwinian price for stupidity.