Sunday, 6 January 2008

What if the Three Wise Men Were Three Wise Women: Notes on the End of a Fine Holiday Season

The holiday is really over: Sunday was Armenian Christmas, and today the Orthodox churches celebrate, while part of the Western world calls January 6 Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men brought their gifts to the baby Jesus. Sophie goes back to teaching today, Lee had to show up last Thursday, and Lukas, having handed in his thesis, will get ready for whatever comes next.

We topped the holiday off with a great dinner Saturday cooked by Elin’s significant other Emmanuel, whose brother, sister-in-law and baby niece are visiting from Paris. Choucroute—the best sauerkraut and sausages I’ve ever eaten—were on the menu, which turns out to be the traditional dish for New Year’s in Bénédicte’s family in Belgium. It was a very nice combination of old and new customs.

But before the festivities are over, have a laugh, courtesy of of my friend Élisabeth Humbolt-Lapointe (my translation.)

What would have happened if the Three Kings had been women?

They would have asked for directions, and arrived on time, and been able to help with the birth, and would have cleaned the stable, and would have made a fondue, and would have brought some useful presents.

What would they have said after they left?

Mary’s sandals didn’t go with her dress…
The baby didn’t look like Joseph…
I can’t get over the way they keep animals in the house..
It looks like Joseph is out of work….
Virgin? My eye!

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Martin Langeland said...

And, just perhaps, they might not have been quite so forth coming to Herod?