Saturday, 18 October 2008

Saturday Photo: Shoes for The Walkable City

Ms. Julie likes shoes, as we saw in yesterday's post, but these shoes are ones I like a lot too. The shoe is gorgeous, I think, although you would never be able to wear it anywhere you had to walk very far.

In the reflection you'll see part of Laurier Avenue in the Outremont section of Montreal. It's about two blocks from where I live, and is a stretch of street with many upscale shops--Tilley, the liquor commission, some fancy groceries. But despite its extremely walkable layout, I think I wouldn't wear these shoes to walk there, no matter how lovely they are. They're shoes for a dinner party, in fact--who'd want to stand in them very long either? But, boy, would you feel good looking in them even if you're feet didn't feel all that good.


Anonymous said...

These shoes are hot what more can i say

Mary Soderstrom said...

I have a pair of high heels that I bought when I finished university, just before I got married. My mother paid for them as part of outfitting me for looking for a good job/starting a new life. They are a lovely avacado gren with a pointy toe, stiletto heel and a strap across the instep.

Over the years I've had them rebuilt a couple of times, and there was a long period when I didn't wear them at all because I'd sworn off heels. But when Lukas got married summer before last, I found they looked terrific with my mother-of-the-groom outfit. So I danced until 3 a.m. in them--and could barely walk the next day. But did I feel terrific-looking!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm glad you can still wear real heels. I'm some years younger than you (by your 1963 Civil Rights Rally post) but a boomer, and with some arthritis can't wear really high heels any more. Sad, I love beautiful shoes, and have to spend just as much money on my slightly clumpy looking German shoes as I would have on more graceful models some years back.

I don't think a love of beautiful things, including clothing, is in contradiction with the principles of feminism or socialism. Got advanced lessons in that when studying in Italy, where the men are even better turned out than the women are.

I recognised the chic stretch of Laurier in the reflection. I had been there not long before as La Cache is closing, and they are the only place that sells small square tablecloths that fit the antique pine table in my kitchen/dining area. Glad to get them half off, but sad they were closing.