Monday, 6 October 2008

Time and Tide Wait for No Man, and Stephen Harper's May Be on the Wane

A week and a day before the Canadian federal election, and perhaps the tide is turning. A Canadian Press –Decima poll show Conservative support slipping to its lowest since the campaign started, while the NDP and the Greens have made nice gains and the Liberals remained steady. Stephen Harper’s gang had 39 per cent on Sept. 17-20, but only 34 last week, the Liberals 23 vs 24, the NDP 17 vs 20, the Greens 11 vs 13, and the Bloc, steady at 8 per cent.

That last figure is particularly important, since one of Harper’s hopes was to pick many seats in Quebec from former Bloc voters. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, and over the weekend a number of big, mult-organizational rallies came out against the Conservatives. They didn’t say who to vote for, but the message was sure: vote for which ever candidate can beat the Conservative in your riding.

Simon Jackson has some interesting musings on the CBC’s web site about strategic voting. He’s talking mostly about voting to push an environmental agenda, but certainly in other places many voters will vote Bloc or Liberal or NDP in order to assure that Harper will not get a majority. I’m convinced that the NDP has a good chance of picking up a couple of more seats in Quebec because disaffected Liberal voters are realizing that giving Layton and his team a louder voice in Ottawa is gong to help all of us. Certainly its clear that Tom Mulcair’s support--which was supposed to evaporate after his by election win last year--is holding very strong. And in Westmount-Ville Marie, Marc Garneau has effectively disappeared from the campaign, I’m told. The idea of his NDP opponent Anne Lagacé Dowson in Parliament makes me want to stand up and cheer.

We shall see what we shall see, of course. Excuse me now, though. Must get some work done here before I go off to see if I can lend a hand on the campaign trail.


Anonymous said...

I'm an NDP suppoter and shall vote NDP this time again... But I am quite hesitant this time. I must express my disappointment at the dirty tricks our party have been using in Westmount--Ville-Marie. Yes, we had a chance to take it over but certainly not by dirtying Mr. Garneau's name and reputation – like saying that he takes the riding for granted and is never to be seen. Don’ t we have any other arguments. It’s simply pitiful ! Like it or not, Garneau has been campaigning FULL TIME in Westmount--Ville-Marie FOR ONE YEAR (since his nomination in Oct 2007) and he has been seen campaigning throughout the country on the national Liberal tour since the beginning of the general elections. The real question is: Where is Anne ? She called me once during the by-election (same for the Liberals) but she has now TOTALLY disappeared from the campaign trail in the riding. And apparently, she is not big enough a candidate for Jack to be part of our national tour either !

Anonymous said...

I unfortunetely must agree with "Annonymous"!

I too voted NDP for the past two elections, but I am outraged by the tactics used by my party in this elections !!!

Just a few days ago, Anne Lagacé Dowson's hunsband, Brian McKenna' posted the most dirty comments about Garneau on his blog at :

« Liberals are pulling a Palin with their candidate … », « Weapons engineer... » or « Payload specialist... »

Comparing a Canadian Hero to Palin, trying to dismiss his previous achievments by labelling him as a « Weapons engineer... » or « Payload specialist... » is VERY VERY CHEAP and BELLOW THE BELT !!!

I had much respect for McKenna as an artist. But politics doesn't seem to be his thing. Doesn't he have anything else to put forward ????


Let's fight this campagin based on our platform - NOT CHEAP ATTACKS a man EVERYONE respects !


Anonymous said...

I believe you are told what to say or think. Come down to Westmount-Ville-Marie and speak to the local people. You will quickly here who is present and whom is not.

I study at McGill and work down town. Garneau and his team have been on campus and in the ghetto more than 3 times in the last week alone. 3 Garneau vs 0 for all the other candidates combined. Furthermore, he will be holding two Town Halls at McGill and Concordia this week alone.


Mary Soderstrom said...

I haven't been in Anne's office this week, but last week I know she took part in three debates/q&A session where Garneau was a no-show. She's also been extremely pressent in the riding since before the by election was called.

Seems to me these comments were from Liberals who are running scared.

You want a good voice in Ottawa, vote Anne Lagacé Dowson.

And by the way, Ed Broadbent will be in town tomorrow, campaigning for Anne, and she's been on hand for every appearance of Layton in Montreal.

Here's the info about Broadbent:
Tuesday, October 7th specifically "to support the NDP candidate in Westmount—Ville-Marie, Anne Lagacé Dowson, in the final sprint of the
election campaign.
“Anne is exactly what the House of Commons needs: an energetic, committed, well-informed woman,” said Ed Broadbent. 'The Liberals have taken this riding for granted for fifty years -- and I have chosen to come here precisely to talk about how they will not deliver what they promise. After all, they never have”.

He'll also speak at McGill on“The Future of Progressive Politics in Canada”. The public lecture and discussion is to be held at 5 pm on Tuesday, October 7 in the McConnell Engineering Building, 3480 University, Room 204.

Anonymous said...

Ed's OUR hero! I'm so thrilled he's coming to speak to us at McGill. I know that'll be a big boost to Anne's campaign on compus. Go GO GO. But please, no more stupid comments by Mckenna! I read his blog... It's disgraceful. We don't need that to win.

Mac said...

If I am not mistaken, Garneau has declined to participate in 3 of the last 4 debates -one causing its cancellation (Francophonie McGill).

During the byelection, in al fairness, M. Garneau was all over the place; but sadly, he has not been seen mainstreeting or otherwise for quite sometime.

I do know that he has attended many partisan meetings and rallies (McGill Law and Liberal Concordia), perhaps in an attempt to actually build a volunteer base for election day.

Otherwise, we haven't really seen him.

As for Anne, she's been with the Chinese, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Iranian communities; as well as at Hillel; Concordia thrice and McGill four times; mainstreeting; knocking on doors in every part of the riding every single night. She has attended every single debate. She has been on TV times than I can remember as well as every radio station, some more than twice (she'll be on daybreak in the morning). Anne has visited seniors' residences, hospitals and elementary schools. She has visited the merchants around her her offices; met with Coop maison verte -of which she's a member; the NDG food bank. She was at the sisters in spirit vigil; she rode her bike around ste. Catherine's for no-car day (vélo en ville, this year); was at the pro-choice rally; attended the anti-Harper rally; Gay pride too!

She's even handed out flyers in front of metros and when she's riding her bike around the riding.

If the campaign were decided on who worked the hardest -Anne Lagacé Dowson would win with 70% of the vote!

Mac said...

Oh and met with people at the anti-Turcot assemblage in St. Henri and the Chinatown corvée, and.....