Monday, 1 December 2008

Coalition Count Down: Quebeckers are for a Coalition While the Village of Ottawa Refuses to Accept the Second Coming of Keynes

La Presse reports this morning that 76 per cent of Quebeckers are in favour of a coalition government if the Harper government falls next Monday. That’s really not surprising, given the way Quebeckers voted—Stephen Harper had hoped for a break-through here but certainly did not get it.

At the same time Le Devoir columnist François Brousseau points out how social democrat the world has suddenly become. You’d think that everyone had been a closet Keynesian all those years. Many political leaders are using this rapid turn to the left their own advantage--Brousseau mentions that when France’s Nicolas Sarkozy talks left, he’s undermining his enemies the Socialists--but finally the stupidity of blind free market orthodoxy has become clear to leaders around the world.

Except in one little village, Brousseau notes: Ottawa, where the present Prime Minister is the man who said in October that it was a good time to buy stocks, and where a stimulus plan is supposed to be a sales tax cut that went into effect nearly a year ago.

Come on, guys, we can't afford to keep this government in office.

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Anonymous said...

December 8 has now become D Day for the Harper government. He played chicken with the opposition and can you imagine...Stephane Dion can end up Prime Minister next week.
Bill Clinton once called himself the "comeback kid" week the "comeback kid of the century" will be Dion.Harper can now spend his time looking for good stock tips on the internet.

Jimmy Zoubris