Saturday, 20 December 2008

Saturday Photo: Snow Sports for School Holiday

Early yesterday afternoon as I walked through Parc Beaubien a gaggle of boys aged 13 to 15 were hustling down the hill toward the outdoor hockey rink, hockey sticks, skates and other equipment slung over their shoulders. School was out at noon most places, and two weeks of holiday were in prospect.

You can ski, skate and sled in most public parks this time of year around Montreal, with outdoor rinks maintained by most municipalities. Lots of fun, particularly if you get some sunny days.

Today playing outside is going to be a little chilly, though. Currently it's -17 C and with the wind, it feels like -28 C (that's near 0F or -15 or so F.) Don't know that the boys are out on the rink this morning.


Martin Langeland said...

Yes but that is kinda sorta normal for you. Out here in the left corner We have more than a foot of snow and it got down to 12 degrees f.
We're flumoxed!
Happiest of Holidays all!

Mary Soderstrom said...

Sounds like most extreme weather for your part of the world. Do hope that you get a chance to enjoy at least a little silliness in it, before the hard part of digging out begins.