Monday, 22 December 2008

A Few Good Books to End the Year

Just want to mention a couple of good books that you may not have thought of as the perfect gifts. Both are by my friend Ann Charney (just to let you know where I stand) and one should be considered as much a classic as The Diary of Anne Frank. Dobryd begins with "By the time I was five years old I had spent half my life hidden away in a barn loft." But rather than being a dismal story, it is full of joy and the triumph of the human spirit.

The second book is Distantly Related to Freud, a novel published this fall by Cormorant Books, which could be considered a story of what happened next to the girl in the first book. Only it is much more: a coming of age story in the best tradition.
Both are definitely worth seeking out.

And while we're suggesting good books, check out Canadian historian Christopher Moore's blog this month. He has asked a number of his friends and colleagues to suggest books for the history buff on you list. You'll be surprised at the number and variety of the suggestions.

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