Friday, 24 April 2009

A Good Way to Celebrate World Book and Copyright Day: Raise a Glass to the Electronic Rights Defence Committee

What a way to mark World Book and Copyright Day! Several stalwarts of the Electronic Rights Defence Committee met at a pub last night to celebrate the recent Quebec Superior Court decision authorizing their class action suit against a bunch of media heavyweights. There were flowers for lawyer Mireille Goulet who single-handedly took on a team of lawyers from Montreal’s biggest law firms, and congratulations all round.

It’s only taken 12 years to get this far, so let’s hope it doesn’t take that long to get a decision and the recognition that creators should receive a cut of the take when their work is sold electronically.

ERDC secretary was busy taking photographs last night and has promised to put some up on his blog: here's the link.


Jack Ruttan said...

Here you go! :

Mary Soderstrom said...

Thanks, Jack.


Jack Ruttan said...

Please pardon my awful flash! Does nobody any favours.