Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saturday Photo: Daffodils and Breakfast Outside

This morning was the first that it was warm enough to eat outside comfortably. Lee had rescued the plastic porch chairs from the garage yesterday, so I could sit, drink orange juice and watch things begin to grow in back.

There is a good two weeks difference between front and back in terms of the arrival in spring chez nous. The first daffodils are up in front, the snowdrops have disappeared and the violets' leaves are unfolding. But in back, where the snow melted only 10 days ago or so, the grass has barely begun to turn green. But the force that through the green fuse drives the flower (to quote Dylan Thomas) is at work there too. There are leaf buds on the raspberries and the kiwi, while the first leaves of the most-infelicitously-but-quite-descriptively named bleeding hearts are above the surface.


Dawn said...

What a cool blog! That is a lovely photo of daffodils that you've shared. Glad to hear Spring has arrived in your area. What a treat to finally get to eat your breakfast in your own garden.

Mary Soderstrom said...

So glad you like the blog. It has become my place to rant and rave, although it was initailly begun as a place to promote books. Amazing how these things grow on you!


Jack Ruttan said...

This is good. I'm of two minds as to whether it's "cool" to have an online presense (something I do that many "successful" writers seem not to, or say they don't, like read reviews, or re-read their own work.

But I love the insight into the process and life, when a writer's blog isn't all self-promotion ("Signing at Chapters at Weds, then on to Blue Met, then the author will be in Edinburgh..." blah blah,)