Thursday, 3 February 2011

Band Width Victory May Be Not So Cool, After All!

Apparently Tony Clement has told the CBC that if the CRTC doesn't go back on its decision to require servers to charge for increasing amounts of data transmitted, the government will step in. Certainly the leaked announcement (by Twitter it seems) will please a lot of people. But there is a hook inside this bit of good stuff: undercut the CRTC is exactly what the Harper government wants to do.

This is not to say that I was pleased to receive an email from my internet provider that beginning in March I would be charged for how much use I made of the 'net. ( I use AEI which has the big advantage of being small enough to have real people answer your service requests, as well as being most affordable. )

The CRTC may be wrong on its decision on this issue, but it also is the agency that so far has safeguarded Canadian content on TV and radio and done much to make the Canadian broadcast landscape Canadian, not American. So beware, guys, don't cheer to loudly until you figure out the implications.

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