Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Only Thing You Can't Call an MP in the House Is "Liar," But How Else to Describe Bev Oda?

Bev Oda was an excellent Minister of culture--not. Bev Oda believes in ministerial responsiblity--not. Stephen Harper is a paragon of virtue--not.

In English one word connates negation of an affirmative sentence--"not." So maybe Ms. Oda wasn't in the country when the document affirming a recommendation to give Kairos a $7 million grant tow years ago, she certainly approved the insertion of "not" in the report. That she said she didn't know who did the actual insertion may be true, but that does nothing to excuse what was done and her subsequent refusal to admit accountability.

As Hansard would have it: some honourable members: Shame, shame.

For more on the reasons for the torpedo-ing of this faith-based NGO, check out "Did KAIROS defunding come down to mining interests and one hand-written note?" published on October 27, 2010 by Embassy which bills itself as Canada's Foreign Policy Newspaper.

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