Monday, 14 February 2011

More on the New Genteel (Sort of) Poor: Noah Richler Figures He Did Better at Contracting than Writing

So it goes: the world of writing gets harder and harder to stay afloat in, even if you've got a name like Richler. Noah, son of Mordechai, writes for The Rover, an online arts publication, and recently ran the stats on his last year. Not a very pretty picture, particularly when you consider that he figurs he saved as much supervising and fighting over a home renovation as his income from writing fell short of his goals.

Of course, he has enough money to have a house to renovate, and there aren't many writers of his age who do, but the point is well made. Making a living in the new media world is damn hard.

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Jack Ruttan said...

Damn straight! The rules have changed, and its hard to keep abreast of them.