Saturday, 2 April 2011

Saturday Photo: Bixis Are Back--Or Will Be Soon!

Walking around central Montreal the past few days has been encouraging. A number of Bixi docks are already in place--work started last week--and the populalr bicycle rental system should be up and running by April 15.

It looks like there will be a dock just outside our door on Henri-Julien. Certainly this is a biking part of town. The young men in the apartment next to ours biked all winter and on all but the snowiest mornings a steady stream of bikes passed with courageous--or crazy, take your pick--riders commuted on narrow, congested Mont Royal avenue.

Lee just asked me if I'd try biking around the Plateau. Might save some time getting to the house once work starts there (four months since the fire and not much has happened!) There's a dock already installed a block over, and the ride from the apartment would be only about five minutes instead of the 20 it takes to walk.

But I'll leave the bikes to braver souls, and enjoy the walk...

The picture, BTW, was taken earlly last fall, when all but one of the bikes from the dock on Hutchison were in use.

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