Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturday Photo: Signs of Spring (Indoors)

There isn't much in bloom outside yet, and besides it's raining so I don't feel like going out to take photos of what is there. Therefore this morning, here's a taste of what is inside. The Christmas cactus which bloomed last November has bloomed again: it obviously likes the south-east exposure oin our temporary apartment, as does the poinsettia which was a gift just before the fire and which I thought had expired in December.

The other two photos are of branches brought inside in an attempt to force the season. The pussy willows I bought at our neighborhood florist, but the pear branches--which after a day have begun to bud--are from a tree in our "real" backyard. Usually they bloom the first or second week in May so the branches are primed, ready to burst into a cloud of white blossoms. Given the cold, damp weather this year, though, it may be two or three weeks before that happens.

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