Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Who's Going to Take Stockwell Day's Old Seat? Interesting Race in BC Interior

Some of my best friends are Liberals, particularly in other parts of the country. For some time, I've followed the adventures of John and Barbara Yellowlees, residents of Okanagan-Coquhalla in the BC interior and Liberals much involved in their community. Stockwell Day held it until the election writ was dropped, and a Penticton city councillor Dan Albas has been annointed by Day and the Conservatives as their candidate.

But John and his friends have found a very interesting candidate for the Liberals, John Kidder. A former businessman, cowboy and fish plant worker, he appears to represent the best that the Liberal Party can offer.

This is not to say that, NDP stalwart that I am, I would necessarily vote for him. The NDP candidate David Finnis also appears to be a good candiate, representing the values of the two-thirds of the country who voted against Stephen Harper last time around.

The point is that we have choices in this election, and for people who care about Canada, Harper's Conservatives are not what we should choose. And wouldn't be great to turn back the Conservatives in Day's old riding!

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