Monday, 13 June 2011

Going Green in Order to Grow Greenery: The Sweet Potato Experiment

Many, many years ago, my first house plants were sweet potatoes and avocado vines. They were cheap, and satisfied my hunger for greenery. Guess that wouldn't work today!

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Going Green said...

I think the best way to go green is for all environmentalists to lead by example. But so many special interest groups want us to deplete our lifestyles and tell us that if we question the vitality of global warming, that we're heretics. I'm a Democrat, but I have no interest in destroying our already weak economy to be a 'preservationist’. One easy way to "go green" is to switch to organic cotton. Cotton is the world’s second dirtiest crop, and switching to organic would mean saving 456 million lbs of pesticides a year! Very informative post, thanks for sharing this. We all have to save our mother earth!