Saturday, 25 June 2011

Saturday Photo: More Walls Signs, the Good and the Ugly

Walking down lanes and alleys gives you a different perspective on a place, and I've come across some fascinating contrasts on the Plateau. Among them are the carefully painted works of arts which grace some walls and garages. So are the boring and disrespectful graffiti.

This combination from St. Christophe street--just a tiny lane, really--is a striking example of the contrast.

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lagatta à montréal said...

I love those hummingbirds!

The ugly graffiti are more specifically "tags" - nothing but stylised signatures, and in some areas gang-related. Above the ugly garage door, I can make out "te amo" - it may at one time have been "te amo Québec", in any case rather sweet. There are small graffiti sprinkled round town reading "I love you", "je t'aime" or sometimes in other languages, that can be charming - as long as they aren't defacing a beautiful façade or a private dwelling.

And what a hot-spot with all that ugly concrete!