Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Strawberry Time: Maybe Lee Will Get His Fill, as We Eat Locally

The Jean Talon Market is full of strawberries right now--and I even saw some in a supermarket. The strawberry season is not long here: about a month, except for a couple of varieties that bear all summer.

The weather has been mostly cool, so I don't think the ones I bought were as sweet as they usually are, but while they last we will have them for dessert at night and along side cereal in the morning. In the past it's been worth the trek to the market to get freshly picked berries, direct from a producer. The fact that there were displays elsewhere is a good sign since getting the berries placed in chain groceries has been a problem for producers. Why eat berries trucked across the continent when better ones are just a short haul away?

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Martin Langeland said...

After cold, wet spring the berries have finally arrived here in the Skagit Valley. Though scarce, they are quite sweet and full of flavor. Just finished two batches of Strawberry jam which is our preferred way to keep them through the year.