Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Too Many People, Not Enough Chairs: A Great Concert as the Day Closed Yesterday

Elin and her friend Madeleine Owen had the bittersweet experience of having to turn people away from the concert they gave Tuesday afternoon at the Jardin botanique. On the program were pieces by Marin Marais, Monsieur de St-Coulombe and other composers from the movie Tous les matins du monde played on viola da gamba, theorbo, lute and guitar.

Obviously many people thought it sounded interesting and far more people came than were expected. In the end some seats were added, but not enough. The attendance was a tribute to the attaction of this sort of music.

They aren't scheduled to give it again publcly in the near future, but they've decided to offer it as true chamber music, that is, they'll give recitals in private homes in a 21st century version of true chamber music. Contact Elin at for details.

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