Saturday, 17 December 2011

Saturday Photo: Apples and er, Clementines, Say the Bells of Saint Clemens

This time of year it is the fruit that matured during the long days of summer that bring the sun into our lives. Here are clementines and Cortland apples (the best of the Quebec crop, I think) which make lovely decorations to say nothing of eating over the end of year holidays.

But I always think of the rhyme about the Bells of St. Clements when we eat them. We have bells from a church during the daylight hours, but nothing with the history of St. Clements in London. That is, of course, the way it goes in North America.


Martin Langeland said...

Your remark puts me in mind of the yank visiting a country home. He marveled at the front lawn and inquired of the grounds keeper how he grew such a luxuriant spread. After a bit of thought the groundskeeper replied: "Mow it for 400 years."
Give Quebec a little time.

Soderstrom sausage a la Dum Luk's is in the freezer for Xmas breakfast. Many thanks for that and your writing! happy holidays to all there!

Mary Soderstrom said...

And we'll make Langeland pancakes at some point too.

So hope you and yours have a lovely bunch of holidays....