Thursday, 1 December 2011

Who's Profiting from Those Day Care Centres--Families or Entrepreneurs

Jeanne and her parents are looking for good child care these days. She's 15 months old, and until now they've been able to work their schedules so that one of them is free, with a healthy amount of baby sitting by grandparents. But waiting lists are long for the usually-excellent provincially funded centers which charge $7 a day. Even good private day cares, where families fare better than in other provinces since they get a break through an income tax credit for child care expenses, aren't that easy to find.

So I--along with many others--was furious to read the report of the Quebec auditor general which says that not only have the Liberal government's promises about how many day care centres would be set up, but nearly a third of those approved did not meet standards. Instead they got the green light from the minister responsible for family affairs.

The opposition Parti Québécois points out that many of those who received permits were contributors to the Quebec Liberal Party.

Come on, let's not play games with our kids.... The principles behind the system are good, but the quality should be good too.

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