Friday, 3 February 2012

As Harper Picks Away at Canadian Values, Krugman Suggests What May Be Ahead

If I seem to be spending too much time on this Canadian and Quebec blog talking about the US, it's because I'm afraid that Stephen Harper and his friends slowly pushing us in the direction of the US right wing vision of what a country should be to its citizens.

The latest warning comes from Paul Krugman's analysis today of what Mitt Romney is proposing South of the Border. Specificially, when Romney said on CNN that “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there," Krugman points out that Romney and his friends are systematically trying to dismantle whatever exists in the US in the way of a safety net. Who is going to benefit from Romeny's proposals? Not the middle class, but the very rich.

Krugman continues: "Even conservative politicians used to find it necessary to pretend that they cared about the poor. Remember “compassionate conservatism”? Mr. Romney has, however, done away with that pretense.

"At this rate, we may soon have politicians who admit what has been obvious all along: that they don’t care about the middle class either, that they aren’t concerned about the lives of ordinary Americans, and never were."

This is coming from a "moderate" Republican, remember.

Give those guys an inch and they'll take a mile--or in Canadian terms, allow the Harperites a centimeter and they'll take a klick and a half.

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