Thursday, 9 February 2012

Guess Whose Appointment Won't be Renewed: Kevin Page Contradicts Harper with the Facts about Funding Pensions

Don't have much time today to go into this in detail because I'm involved in setting up an interesting conversation about jobs and the economy, "Working in Canada Today: A Real Challenge." As I wrote yesterday Tom Mulcair will talk about his economic plans after a couple of union reps will telll about their difficult experiences with the Harper government.

But I must draw you attention to the great gulf between what Stephen Harper says will happen to our pension system in the next few years and what the Parliamentary Budget Office Kevin Page says in a report released yesterday. In essence, he says things will be fine, but Finance Minister Jim Flaherty called Page "unbelievable, unreliable, incredible" it was reported several places.

So who do you think will keep his job?

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