Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Making Waves--the View from Where the Portuguese Began Their Voyages

Thursday I'm going to be talking about oing to be talking about Making Waves: The Continuing Portuguese Adventure as part of the Atwater Library's Lunchtime series. There will be music too. Hope to see many friends and fellow Lusophiles at 12:30 p.m., Thursday March 1, in the auditorium of the library, 1200 Atwater, Montreal, Metro Atwater.

The photo is one I took at my last stop on trips I took to research the book. After running into the Portuguese and their descendants all around the world, three years ago I finally made it to Portugal itself. I had intended to travel around the country but ended up spending all my time in Lisbon, a truly fascinating city.

That's the River Tagus in the picture as seen through thae window of the Torre de Belém, which guarded the landing and departure spot for hundreds of intrepid Portuguese mariners for several hundred years. A true epic! A small country that changed the world!

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