Friday, 5 April 2013

Trio of Shame III: If I Don't Know about It, It Doesn't Exist

I kept the way the Harper government is systematically undercutting any independent effort to find out what is happening in the environement to the last item of this trio. 

Last weekend, I thought I'd mention the end of the Experimental Lakes Area project, and call it a day.  But there seem to be an increasing number of funding cuts which seem to have no real purpose other than to remove the possiblity of any objective comment coming from the scientific community.  These include Canada's withdrawal  from the UN Convention on Desertification and the muzzling of scientists who must get approval from the communications wonks before they can say anything

The truth will make you free, eh?  Well, not if you don't have it.

BTW, the photo is from this morning's Le Devoir, and is of an ice sculpture on display in Montreal now.  The idea is underline how quickly the Arctic ice is melting.

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