Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Deep Conspiracy: Naomi Wolf on That Snowden Guy

As I think I've said here before, why should anybody be surprised that various branches of US intelligence has been following us.  They've done it for a long time, as anybody who was/is active in politics knows.  That they get it wrong often, is also well known.

And now Naomi Wolf (not to be confused with Canadian Naomi Klein whose credentials as a shit-kicker are perhaps more impressive) has come out on Facebook with her doubts about Snowden.  She's been raked over the coals by some one the leflt, including in a Gawker piece that pokes fim at her.

Basically she says that Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower is too polished to be real. He doesn't have a lawyer at his side as nearly every authentic whistle blower does.  She adds:  "It is actually in the Police State’s interest to let everyone know that everything you write or say everywhere is being surveilled."

Interesting point of view.  That's why we have to keep saying what we think--which is not the same as just saying anything to fill the silence in our souls. 

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