Monday, 10 June 2013

The Incredible Human Journey, But Not in the US

Traveling rather far afield as I continue the ground work a new non-fiction book to be called Road through Time, I came upon this marvelous BBC series on human migration: The Incredible Human Journey.  It's not new--apparently it aired first in 2009 in the UK and the following year on CBC, but I had never heard of it.

So Sunday I spent five hours watching Alice Roberts, an attractive medical doctor and anthropologist, as she went around the world, following our ancestors on their treks out of Africa.  Lots of information I was only vaguely aware of, and while a little is out of date since the field is advancing so quickly (DNA evidence of Neandrothal breeding with modern humans has recently been announced, contrary to what the series says) it is defintely worth watching.

As I read the list of countries where the series has screened (the version I watched had Portuguese subtitles) the absence of the US was striking.  Could it be that the series' premises are too hot for a country where more than have the people don't believe in evolution?

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