Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Plant a Tree for $25 Until June 15

Trees are great.  Not only do they provide a feast for the eye and shade for the body, they absorb carbon dioxide.  You might say they are nature's CO2 sequestering program.

But saying that isn't enough.  We've got to plant and nurture more trees everywhere.  The Rassemblement de Eco-quartiers, an umbrella organization of citizen-based ecology groups in Montreal, are making it easy to do just that.

Until June 15, Montrealers can buy a 1.5 to 2 meter tree for $25, which will be delivered to them over the  June 15-16 weekend.  The trees are of six sorts, all native to this region.  (That's a red maple, one of the most emblematic of all Canadian trees.)  For details, check out the Eco-quartier website.

The goal this year is 1,000 trees planted, but the ecology groups have a bigger, long term one: to increase the urban forest canopy coverage in the city from 20  to 25 per cent.  A laudable endeavor.  Just the thought of it makes feel cool. 

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