Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Energy Debate: Nuclear and Other Forms of Electricity

Last week the Globe and Mail contained the most recent issue of Corporate Knights, a magazine that calls itself "The Company for Clean Capitalism." Rarely have I come across such a series of informative, thought-provoking articles about where we are going in terms of our use of energy.

Among the articles are an evaluation of the various costs of electricity generation, which contains this startling statement about nuclear power:

"Given the rapidly falling cost and potential of efficiency and renewables, the speed with which they can be deployed, as well as the availability of gas as a transition and complementary resource, the economically rational path for the next quarter century is crystal clear: New nukes aren’t necessary."

In other words, going for better energy efficiency and using other sorts of low-carbon, renewable eneergy is going to be a lot cheaper for the forseeable future. 

Definitely worth reading.

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