Friday, 14 February 2014

Well, What It Was, Was Herpes Zoster...

This morning I started a regime of cortisone type and anti-viral, anti-stomach upset drugs.  Seems those excruciating pain and the rash that I thought were back-related and due to a reaction to acetominophen were actually due to shingles.

Not your typical shingles--the resurgence of the virus that causes chickenpox decades later--because the rash didn't itch, and the nerve where the virus attacked were was in my hip and leg, not my torso.  Neverthless it all is a drag, literally.  My left foot is numb and I'm not using it properly: the hope is that with the drugs, the nerve function will return quickly.

The pain is still there, but not as intense, thank goodness  And thank goodness for physio Christine Gibson who told me I should have a doctor look at what was going on in my body.  It's not a case for exercise, she said in effect.

One of the drugs has excitability as a possible side-effect, and I'm almost looking forward to that after two weeks of feeling the pits.

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