Wednesday, 12 March 2014

PKP's House Bis

My friend Zvi Leve, who daughter was a friend of one of PKP's kids when they were day care age, points out that PKP's house actually does have a Street View, but it's the wrong address: 644 Dunlop instead of 636 Dunlop (the address listed on the Montreal property tax roles.)  Here's the link.

I'm told that Street View sometimes gets addresses wrong.  Whatever, it's weird.

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lagatta à montréal said...

I've certainly been past there, not to spy on Old Money, or specifically on PKP (doesn't interest me in the slightest) but because it is between two exceptionally lovely parks.

Much as I detest, nay loathe this serial union crusher (not only in Québec: also in France and the US, and the "Rest of Canada") I'll grudgingly give him some points for taste, for that lovely old urban mansion, rather than a much larger and probably tackier pile he could have built elsewhere. The tree cover in those street views is splendid.

Hello to Zvi!

On another topic, do visit olivia chow's site. It has shifted to the mayoral campaign.