Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Simply Because Thomas Loves This...

One of the joys of children is how they introduce you to new things. On this day when a winter hurricane is pounding Eastern Canada, they're digging out after a massive mudslide in Washington State, and some politicians seem to be rubbing their hands over the prospect of reigniting the Cold War, I find this video that Thomas love quite wonderful.

He's 18 months and just discovered the joys of dancing.  His parents stumbled on the 24 video by Pharrel Williams and friends of the song "Happy, Happy" which has a catchy beat and lots of people dancing, some well, some not so well.  Whenever there is down time, our Thom asks for it and grooves in front of the computer until called away to do something else.

Lots of fun, even for us old folks. 

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lagatta à montréal said...

Well there are certainly old people, babies and small children and everything in-between in that video. Evidently a lot of local celebrities, but you've been away from California for so long that you might not recognise them either.... I'll send this to a friend for her small grandchildren. I like it myself, for doing the bare minimum of exercise on days too cold to walk outside for an hour or more (can't breathe). Dancing around my home office with those tiny barbells (3 or 5 lb).

There are several versions of this,some much better than others, in cities and towns around the world.