Tuesday, 11 March 2014

You Won't Find Péladeau's House on Google's Street View and Other Thoughts on the PQ's Star Candidate

I'd like to think that the Parti Québécois' "coup" in getting Pierre-Karl Péladeau to run in the upcoming provincial election will backfire because people will be just too put off by the way the PQ has sold out all its progressive values in bringing him in. 

 Last night I was on  Montreal's West Island in a thoroughly Anglophone area where people were looking for ways to protest the choice.  They would have voted against the PQ anyway, but now they're wondering if  cancelling their cable and internet service through Péladeau's Videotron would have any effect.

Of course, workers at Videotron were locked-out on Péladeau's orders for months a decade ago: that would have kept me away from using their services anyway.  The labour conflict was just one of 14 lockouts the Quebecor empire has brought down in the last few years.  Talking about riding roughshod over ordinary folk...

Certainly Québec Solidaire is hoping that some of the leftish separatist vote will switch its way. I am too: not only is Péladeau reactionary, he has controlled a huge media empire that, even if he puts his holdings in a blind trust, is going to remember just who has been the boss.

By the way, you'll notice that there's no illustration with this post.  I tried to find a picture of Péladeau's house--636 Dunlop in the Outremont borough--but although, probably not coincidently, Google Earth's Street View shows the houses around it, it does not have  one of Péladeau's three-storey mansion, whose assessed valuation is $3,323,200.   The procedure for getting you house deleted from Street View is cumbersome, I understand.  If you're a media magnate you can do it.

3 323 200


Reggi George said...

But perhaps his wife Julie got the house in the divorce

Mary Soderstrom said...

They haven't divorced so far--just a separation. According to the extremely useful Montreal website "evaluation foncière" they are still listed as co-owners.

lagatta à montréal said...

I'm so disappointed about some people I esteem - some of whom I know personally or have worked with, not to mention Pierre Foglia who "holds his nose" and accepted the role of Péladeau, who has screwed over and in some cases destroyed the lives of colleagues of his, in the independence cause. Sadly, the precedent for that is much graver, "les mains sales", as Sartre spoke of Stalinism.