Friday, 11 April 2014

We Have Seen the Future and It Is Beautiful (and Brazil Was There First)...

Missed this because our National Geographic subscription has been transferred to the grandkids, which  is probably quite fitting:  given the rate of racial and ethnic intermarriage in the US, by 2050 the faces of the country will be a gorgeous mixture of hair, eye and skin colour, the magazine says extrapolating from census data.

Following the rebuff given the xenophobic policies of the Parti Québecois in this week's provincial elections, it's good to see that migration and assimilation are trending in this direction.  There's no telling where love will lead us, is there?

Of course, anyone who's visited Brazil will say that faces like these are common there.  Some are the legacy of forced relations in the past, but many, many  are  evidence of a vast country where there never were laws  which prohibited marriage between "white" people and those who "had any known blood" as there were in many US jurisidictions.

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