Friday, 25 April 2014

Yup, CBC/Radio Can Budget Cuts Will Affect Enquête

The Charbonneau Commission into corruption and illegal political party funding has started work again after the Quebec provincial election.  Just what it will come up with  when it's finished its hearings is a question, as is what the effects of the damning testimony will be. 

But one thing is clear: it's going to be harder to come up with evidence that might lead to such a public investigation, as Radio Canada has announced that Enquête, the public affairs show that produced program after program about shady dealings over a period of several years, will have its funding cut.

The Globe and Mail reports that the program will lose one-fifth of its staff in the $130 million cuts, announced recently.  It quotes Alain Gravel, the program's host: 
“Without these journalists, all of these people [involved in the scandal] would still be carrying on as if nothing ever happened...Instead of facing cuts, we should be getting additional resources.”

He's absolutely right!

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