Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Another Can Lit Giant Falls: Farley Mowat Dead at 92

The past few months have been tough for Can Lit: Alistair MacLoed and Mavis Gallant both dead, and now Farley Mowat falls. 

The Globe and Mail's obituary quotes him as saying: “Fuck the facts. The truth is what is important," when "inconsistencies," to give them a polite name, were brought up between his log books of time spent in the Arctic and the picture he painted of Inuit life in People of the Deer. Seems he didn't spend much time there, in truth.

But where is the truth, one might ask.

The man had his heart in the right place, and got turned back at the US border at one point because of his opposition to the Vietnam War (that's where the cartoon by Aislin comes in.) 

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Michael Black said...

I thought he got turned back at the border around 1982. I thought he was one person who couldn't get to New York City for the big nuclear disarmament rally on June 12th, 1982.

But what I remember is that he got banned for firing on US airplanes flying overhead. I thought that was cruise missile related, but I may be mixing things up. He was no danger to the plane, and I seem to recall he wa annoyed by the noise rather than that they were war planes.