Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dancing Is Important in the Grand Scheme of Things

Jeanne spent part of the dinner hour dancing around the dining room (with Thomas cheering her on from his highchair) to a variety of jazz pieces. Her dance technique veers toward the baroque--Marie-Natalie Lacoursière, the baroque dancer, is one of her godmothers after all--but she was definitely grooving.

Which made me begin to reflect on the function of dancing in civilization.  There is joy in moving to music that nearly anyone can experience.  As the video below--the Supercut of Pharrel William's Happy--shows, even the physically limited and far-from-beautiful can have their spirits lifted by dancing.

Given the many, many problems that the world faces and which seem to be getting worse, dancing  can bring the boost of energy necessary to challenge them. Certainly it's good for the heart, both in the literal sense and the metaphorical.


ray johns said...

There is an old episode of Seinfeld where Julia Louis-Dreyfus character , 'Elaine Bennis' shows off her dancing . It's awkward and unorthodox ,but fun and enjoyable to her. It helps prove the point I think. To balter can be a physical and emotional uplifter and good for the individual .

lagatta à montréal said...

Hi Mary,

Here is a related story about happiness by Boucar Diouf in La Presse this morning: