Thursday, 1 May 2014

The End of Mirabel, Or Another Mistake That Shouldn't Have Happened

While I've been revelling in postive health things (new eyes!) and negative ones (shingles!) I have been somewhat insulated from reacting to the increasing number of things that are going wrong in the world.

Too late to make much comment about the scary stuff in Russia/Ukraine relations, other to say that it's interesting that when the heat was off somewhat in Syria, things erupted there.  Similarly the disgusting displays by that Sterling guy and Rob Ford hold lessons about our world, but I think my chance to expound of them has past.

However, one breaking story today is worth comment.  The agency that runs Montreal's airports announced today a call for tenders to destroy the terminal building at Mirabel International Airport, a nearly 40 year old white elephant that should never have been built.  Designed as a nifty compromise between world class airport hubs in Ottawa and Montreal, the airport was built on expropriated farm land an hour north of Montreal.  It handled international flights for several years, but its inconvenience (if you wanted to transfer to a domestic flight you had to travel by ground transport, among other problems) led to moving all passenger flights back to Dorval in 2003.  The facility's runways are now used for cargo flights.

Taxpayers have shelled out millions and millions of dollars on the buildings and their maintenance over the years.  What a colossal waste!  Nobody but them have been hurt by the bad decisions made so long ago, certainly not the politicians behind the project or their friends in real estate and construction who made tidy profits from it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget what happened in 1980, that made Montreal stop growing, and made Toronto take the lead in terms of growth -- the 1980 Referendum changed everything.