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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Saturday Photo: Skating, Finally

All's right with the world, more or less.  At least winter seems to have settled in, and the skating rinks are in operation.  Jeanne apparently has had a great time on the rink in the park across the street from Elin's.  Lukas hasn't had a chance to take Thomas out yet, but the small snowshoes that Sophie ordered came on Thursday and they're planning an outing to a park near them tomorrow,

Today I doubt if we'll get any skating done, but there is new snow to shovel in the backyard, so I'm sure they'll have a good time.


Jack said...

Looks very pleasant. The rinks are set up here in Centre Sud, too.

lagatta à montréal said...

Well, I'll never like winter, and don't skate, but I made a Portuguese Caldo Verde which is a wonderful dish for this weather (and kale is on sale at PA for $1 a bunch) with kale, potato, chouriço, onion, garlic, olive oil and a few other things. mmmm.

Mary Soderstrom said...

Sounds delicious! Thought I saw you whizzing past at Marché Jean Talon on Friday: I made onion soup and tomato soup (the latter with canned tomatoes, I must admit) on the weekend.

lagatta à montréal said...

Canned tomatoes are fine this time of year, and if they are Canadian, they are far more sustainable than so-called fresh. I bought several tins of Aylmer tomatoes for $1 each at Metro. Though the Caldo verde is really wonderful on chilly evenings. I've been having that as a light supper, perhaps a bit of cheese or charcuterie. Being careful not to eat too much as I don't want to put the weight I lost cycling so long this year back on! Yes, my Mile End and Outremont friends and I cross paths between Marché Jean-Talon and PA.