Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saturday Photo: More Grey Weather...

When people have asked how we could have chosen Montreal over California when we made our great move decades ago, I always have said that I thought white, cold winters were a lot nicer than grey, not-so-cold ones.

My opinion certainly hasn't changed this winter.  We have temperatures above freezing today, with even higher ones forecast for tomorrow with lots of rain.  This means that the snow, which fell in abundance before New Year's, is likely to melt and leave grey sidewalks as well as  grey skies.

So this is climate change? Don't like it.

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lagatta à montréal said...

There was a very beautiful light this afternoon, though. I took advantage of the mild weather and the dry roads and sidewalks to go for a good walk. There was a dark-blue sky and the sun emerging from the clouds.

Of course we remember that climate change also contributed to the horribly cold winter the year before (I'm still paying of a debt to Hydro) and many other nasty things, but I confess I enjoy the mild weather.