Monday, 22 September 2008

Carless Day, Bixis and the Walkable City

"So, did you walk here?" the interviewer asked me when we started out talking about The Walkable City at Radio Canada International. I had to laugh because actually I took the bus and Metro, although I could add that I planned on walking home.

The interview and the errands I ran on the way back account for this rather late post. But this is a day when partisans of muscle-powered transit should be pleased. Not only has the city of Montreal just unveiled the first rental bikes--the Bixis--that will be available at selected places around town, but it's Carless Day downtown. The former intiative is far more serious than the latter: a similar program in Paris has proved extremely successful, and there's no reason why Bixis should be very popular here. I was astounded by the flotilla of cyclists this morning: obviously people of all ages are cycling now. The latter is more public relations exercise than serious attempt to make Montreal a place where you don't need a car, but perhaps even this kind of hoopla is necessary.

Whatever, I'll pass along the link when the RCI program airs. In the meantime, it's another gorgeous day for walking.


Jack Ruttan said...

Still pretty impossible to cycle here during the winter.

lagatta said...

Depends on the winters. This past winter was impossible for most, but I cycled up till the latter part of January the winter before.

I don't cycle when there is ice or heavy snow (I'm a boomer) but am still cycling now, in the cold, and start up again very early in the spring.

Global warming does tend to make the cycling season longer, though it also brings wild weather, like last winter's endless snows, or the infamous Western Québec/Eastern Ontario ice storm.