Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hey, Look What's Happening in Quebec! Even the Montreal Gazeette Sees How the NDP Is Capturing Unhappy Voters from Other Parties

The Gazette grudgingly admits today that the NDP is doing well in Quebec, and that Jack Layton has become the chou-chou of urban Francophone voters. Glad the newspaper is finally realizing what is going on.

After a number of weeks telephoning for NDP candidates, it looks to me that the vote here is very volatile. People are fed up with the Liberals and the Bloc and are willing to vote for an alternative, and the NDP is the most credible one. The support that Thomas Mulcair had when he won a by election in Outremont a year ago continues to be strong. Anne Lagacé Dowson's campaign in Westmount-Ville Marie is going great guns too, despite the fact that some people who were working in her aborted by election campaign were from outside the riding, and now want to work in their home ridings too.

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