Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Espace Musique Concert Features John Dowland and Michael Slattery, with Elin on Viola da Gamba

St. Patrick's Day is past, but Elin has just drawn my attention to a concert now on Espace Classique, Radio Canada's internet presence "La Nef célèbres le St. Patrick." It features the music of 17th century Irish composer and luthier John Dowland played by the Montreal group La Nef with Irish counter tenor Michael Slattery.

Elin is also in the band, which recorded the concert last fall. Definitely worth listening too. But beware! when you click on the link, you'll get whatever happens to be playing on Espace Classique. To get to the concert, scroll down to "Ecoutez le concert" and click again.

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