Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday Photo: Melting Snow Means Interesting Changes

The string of lovely late winter days continue, so this morning I went out to take some pictures. The snow family below were made during the last snow about 10 days ago: Dad, Mom and a child who were resplendent with scarves, parsnip noses, and eyes made from rounds of carrots.

As the melting advanced the vegetables disappeared--the squirrels are out!--and yesterday I noticed that the snowchild had disintegrated or been reduced to three snow kittens/balls/babies.

Further along in the park, the snow blocks that made up a snow fort have thinned out to be more window than wall. Very lovely as the rising sun slanted through them.


Martin Langeland said...

This is off topic so you needn't publish it.
I thought you might be interested in the two stories linked below about the BBC. Mark Thomson, the Director of the Beeb is proposing to cut two stations and halve the web site to save money. BBC cuts link.

David Mitchell comments in the Observer.
It sounds a bit like the attack mounted on the CBC.
I particularly enjoyed Mitchel's conclusion that the Beeb is the "envy of the world" -- a position once held by CBC, at least in my estimation.

Mary Soderstrom said...

Thanks for this Martin. I'll pursue, probably next week since the new PPM ratings are out and it will be intersting to see how Radio Two is doing.